Greg Singh

Greg Singh is a 25+ year Information Technology veteran with more than 20 of those dedicated to Cyber Security. Greg has held positions with Technology Vendors, Service-Providers, Systems Integrators and End-User Organisations in predominantly technical leadership and evangelism roles.

Greg is a recognised Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert that currently sees him focusing on the attack techniques and tactics employed by cyber criminals along with modern security architectures such as Secure Security Edge Technologies that can be employed by organisations to mitigate and defend such attacks.

Today, Greg works for Symantec by Broadcom Software as their Regional CTO, a primarily outward facing role for the organisation encompassing a wide gamut of customer facing activities including architecting security transformations for some of the worlds’ largest organisations. Before joining Symantec, Greg has held a leadership role with the SOAR vendor Swimlane.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Wollongong.