Boonchareon Chong

Boonchareon Chong (Boon) is an IT veteran of 23 years. During this time, he has held various roles in tech, including engineering, training, consulting, architecture, and technology evangelism in well-known security vendors such as F5 Networks, A10 Networks, and McAfee Enterprise. He is well-versed across multiple sectors in IT, namely Networking, Cloud, 3GPP, Application Delivery, and Security across the board.

Currently, Boon leads a regional team of technical consultants at Trellix. Their primary focus is on assisting customers in developing their XDR framework and platform to achieve the utmost level of IT security for their organization. Throughout his tenure there, Boon and his team have collaborated with a diverse range of organizations spanning different sectors such as Financial, Government, and Enterprise. Their aim is to address security challenges in the evolving landscape, prioritising speed and agility without compromising on security or business requirements.