Amplify Your Defence

With next generation IT platforms like Cloud Computing, Mobile, Big Data & Internet of things (IoT), we are experiencing connectivity like never before. Artificial and Business Intelligence are taking over many systems – most business decisions are now governed by extensive analytics, with AI handling many end-user interfaces instead of the human. New data protection laws, with changing compliance strategies are now emerging. The smartphone and mobile payment gateways are creating new opportunity as well as threats.

Greater enterprise IT budgets are being spent on cloud computing and security becomes a priority concern for many. Learning about the latest technological developments is necessary to ensure that security meets evolving business demands.

Businesses are largely graduating to an IoT approach, which, while boosting productivity immensely, leads to a lot of security vulnerabilities. With threats like ransomware, new malware section attacks, and Shellshock attempts increasing significantly, it is clear that cybercriminals are evolving. Here is your chance to be a step ahead of them and amplify your defences.

At Security Exchange 2017, gain valuable insights and gear up for the latest cyber security technological trends such as adaptive intelligent software for threat containment, cloud computing and related security, managing big data and reinforcing defences for mobile technology. Get to witness cutting-edge developments in this tech realm and learn innovative ways of strengthening your networks.

This is a complimentary event.